Good Morning Little School Girl

John Lee Curtis "Sonny Boy" Williamson
John Lee Curtis “Sonny Boy” Williamson – from

John Lee Curtis Williamson, better known as Sonny Boy Williamson I, was an American blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. He was born in Madison County, Tennessee, near Jackson, on March 30th, 1914. At age 16 he started to follow the Mississippi River north with his harmonica to seek a life as a musician. For this reason, he picked up the nickname Sonny Boy. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…

Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux, par Michel Polnareff

Michel Polnareff - Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux
Michel Polnareff – Tous les bateaux, tous les oiseaux (1969) – pochette de 45 tours

Michel Polnareff est un auteur-compositeur-interprète et pianiste français, né le 3 juillet 1944 à Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne). Il connut un large succès dans la deuxième moitié des années 1960, il était alors un emblème de la génération Salut les copains. Sa carrière déclina par la suite. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…

Sweet Little Rock And Roller, by Chuck Berry

Woodstock Festival
Woodstock Festival (1969)

Charles Edward Anderson Berry, better known as Chuck Berry, was a pioneer of American rock and roll. Born on October 18, 1926, he knew fame between 1955 and 1965, thanks to a musical style appealing to youth, with a dancing rhythm, easily sung melodies, guitar solos, showmanship and lyrics centred about the teenage world. He continued to play music until his death on March 18, 2017. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…

Younger Girl, by John Sebastian

Hugh Shirley Candyside - John Sebastian in concert
Hugh Shirley Candyside – John Sebastian performing in concert in East Lansing, Michigan, August 1970 – from Wikimedia Commons

John Benson Sebastian is an American singer and songwriter born in 1944. In 1965 he formed the band The Lovin’ Spoonful, for which he sang and played the guitar, also he authored all their hit songs during that period. He left the band in 1968 to start a solo career that went on until now. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…

Clair, by Gilbert O’Sullivan

Gilbert O’Sullivan and Clair Mills – from The Daily Mail, 5 February 2011

The Irish singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan was popular in the early 1970’s. One of his greatest hits has been the song Clair, which ranked top in the UK Singles Chart for two weeks in November 1972. It tells his affectionate love for a little girl aged 3 or 4 whom he babysat, the daughter of his producer-manager Gordon Mills. He expresses his feelings straightforwardly, with a spontaneity that would be difficult to find in our epoch of moral panic about intergenerational relations: “Each time I leave you I feel I could die / Nothing means more to me than hearing you say / ‘I’m going to marry you / Will you marry me, Uncle Ray ?’” (O’Sullivan’s real forename was Raymond.) CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…