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Aleksandra Waliszewska
Aleksandra Waliszewska – from Frank T. Zumbachs Mysterious World

Poets and Lovers exists since 4 years, and this is its 427th article. It should go on for a 5th year, with more poems and songs presented at a regular frequency. Indeed, I am indebted to the collection Amours Enfantines by François Lemonnier for its many poems, mostly in French, devoted to the love of little girls; I discovered there many lesser-known authors. I have also collected a list of songs, mostly in English, about young girls. However, I lack poems in English, readers are welcome to propose some.

Two months from now, Poets and Lovers will have lived longer than its predecessor Agapeta.

For the first time since nearly two years, more than six months elapsed, during which the site did not experience any problem, such as data centre failure, blocking or denial of service by internet operators. Since Pigtails in Paint has restricted access to some articles and images to registered users, our website provider does not suffer any more persecution.

Graham Ovenden

The English painter and photographer Graham Ovenden died in the morning of December 9, 2022. I presented in 2019 three of his poetic compositions. His obituary, in the form of reminiscences of him, appeared in Pigtails in Paint on February 15.

The Poe Museum

Regular readers of the blog probably know the website of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, which provides hypertext versions of Poe’s complete prose and poetical writings, and also of books, magazines and documents about this great writer.

A few months ago I discovered the nice website of The Poe Museum in Richmond; it has in particular a beautiful iconography and interesting online collections.

An article about Ernest Dowson

The website NewgonWiki has published an article about the life and loves of Ernest Dowson. It is mainly based on my articles in Poets and Lovers and in Pigtails in Paint.

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