The Birthday, by Nathalia Crane

Mac Harshberger - "The Birthday" in The Singing Crow
Mac Harshberger – illustration for “The Birthday” in The Singing Crow (1926)

A birthday wish from a 13-year-old girl to one reaching age 7. This poem and the accompanying illustration were included in the 7th anniversary celebration on Pigtails in Paint.

To Julie Bridwell

JULIE had a birthday,
Mother made acclaim;
Seven soulful candles
Waved their flags of flame.

Ferryboats were tooting,
Trying to be sweet;
Sets of verses scooted
Down from Henry Street.

Ev’ry place was happy—
Even New York Bay;
Sea Gulls flew in sevens,
Honoring the day.

Source of the poem and the illustration: Nathalia Crane, The Singing Crow and Other Poems. Illustrated by Mac Harshberger. Albert & Charles Boni, New York (1926).

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