Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl, by Deadsy

Deadsy is an alternative metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1995, it took a long break in 2007, as its members had other projects. It was then revived in 2018, with its name now written DÆDSY. Each member of the band is identified by a specific colour, an entity and a stage name. The lead singer Elijah Blue Allman (son of Cher an Greg Allman) has colour International Klein Blue, entity Academia, and nickname Phillips Exeter Blue. The other members’ colours and entities are: green for leisure, yellow for science and medicine, grey for war, and red for horror.

There is not much information available about their song “Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl,” in particular its time of recording and first release. According to Discogs, it appeared as track 13 in an October 1999 version of their album Commencement, but one does not find it in later versions of that album. The title is sometimes written “Itty Bitty Titty Girl,” and one finds similar variations between terminations ‘itsy’ and ‘itty’ in the lyrics.

The song explicitly extols the erotic appeal of a little girl. Here is a YouTube video with the lyrics:

I present below the lyrics, in the version of and Genius, where one reads both ‘itsy bitsy titsy’ and ‘itty bitty.’ There are variants, some with only ‘itsy bitsy titsy’ and others with only ‘itty bitty titty.’

Itsy Bitsy Titsy Girl

La la la la la la

Oh itsy bitsy titsy girl
Where are you?
Oh itsy bitsy titsy
Said our love was true
Oh my itsy bitsy titsy
So young and so unused

Now itsy bitsy titsy
Plays a mean hop-scotch
As she does her little ditty
I can stare at her crotch
Oh my itsy bitsy titsy
Little queen of double dutch

Now itsy bitsy titsy girl
Where are you?
Oh itsy bitsy titsy
With those eyes so blue
Oh I love how itty bitty
Little blouse is so see through

[Children’s laughter]

So itsy bitsy titsy
Now you’re off to camp
But I bet
Those itty bitty undies still are damp
I’ll be waiting for September
In the playground outside your class

Now itsy bitsy titsy
Quit when I wasn’t through
I found a place to keep her hid
Where nobody knew
Now my itsy bitsy titsy
Lights up all of my afternoons

Oh itsy bitsy titsy
As I came she blew
Still she doesnt hold
Her candle to her black silk suit
As she clutches itsy bitsy titsy
Now we’re three from two

[Children’s laughter]

There is another YouTube video of the song, which shows little girls in sexy underwear performing a “twerk” dance. Unfortunately, in order to synchronise the song with the dance, the last stanza and subsequent children’s laughter are missing.

The song has inspired artists on DeviantArt, Jackovdaily and the-taxidermy.

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