Rondel, by Ernest Dowson

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A charming poem about the love of a child. To admire her blue eyes is the poet’s bliss, to take her hands is the desire of his heart, and, as he repeats three times, her kiss will heal his pains.


Ah, dear child, in whose kiss
Is healing of my pain,
Since life has given me this,
I will no more complain.
My heart to life, ywis,
Thy clinging hands enchain,
Ah, dear child in whose kiss,
Is healing of my pain.
Love me—I shall not miss
Old loves that did but stain,
Thy blue eyes teach me bliss,—
I am not all in vain,
Ah, dear child, in whose kiss
Is healing of my pain.

Previously published on Agapeta, 2015/01/09, on its first day.

One thought on “Rondel, by Ernest Dowson

  1. Ernest Dowson est l’amoureux type de sa petite chérie. Son poème en dit long sur cet amour qu’il voue à sa petite fleur. L’amour pour les petites filles, c’est ce qu’il y a de plus beau. Le dire dans un poème c’est magnifique.


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