Nana a una Niña Fría, by Luis Eduardo Aute

Luis Eduardo Aute - Alevosía
Luis Eduardo Aute – Alevosía (Treachery) – from Invaluable

Luis Eduardo Aute Gutiérrez (1943–2020) was a Spanish musician, singer, composer, film director, actor, sculptor, painter, writer and poet. He died in 2020 from Covid-19.

In 1974 he released the LP album Espuma on the Ariola label. Its 8th track, the song “Nana a una Niña Fría” (Lullaby to a Cold Child), tells about a young girl who discovers her sexuality; her mother punishes her, but to no avail, and she tempts the devil.

A musical video of this song is given on Aute’s YouTube channel:

Here are the Spanish lyrics, from Genius:

Nana a una Niña Fría

Una niña fría se desnuda
Los espejos se derriten como velas
Y su madre pura la castiga
Vuelan calcetines junto a las estrellas
Ella quiere que la moje el río
Cada vez que lo descubre tras la puerta
Se perfuma de impaciente sangre
Un olor que no conocen las muñecas

Una niña fría se desnuda
Las lechuzas dicen que no han visto nada
Juguetea con lápiz de labios
Y se abraza a la ternura de la almohada
Viene el diablo con flores y vino
Ella se complace con sus artimañas
Duerme, niña, que seré tu amante
Y el infierno es dulce como una manzana

I give below their translation by Bela Schreck:

A cold little girl strips naked
the mirrors melt like candles,
and her pure mother punishes her
socks fly next to the stars,
she wants the river to bathe her
every time you discover her behind the door,
Is perfumed with impatient blood,
a smell that dolls don’t know.

A cold little girl strips naked,
the owls say they have seen nothing,
Fiddle with lipstick
and embraces the tenderness of the pillow,
the devil comes with flowers and wine,
she takes pleasure in his wiles,
sleep, little girl, that I will be your lover,
and hell is sweet as an apple.

A new version of the song, with a a different orchestration and slightly modified lyrics, was included as track 12 on the CD album Auterretratos Vol. 2, released in 2005 on the label BMG Ariola. One can hear a musical video of it on Aute’s YouTube channel:

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