Ivan Bilibin - Illustration for Contes de l'isba
Ivan Bilibin – Illustration for Contes de l’isba: Ivan-Tsarevich and the Firebird (1931) – from Christie’s

In my last semi-annual editorial, I described the police persecution of our British website provider, culminating in his guilty plea. The administration of the websites was taken over by his son, who was forced to close them down in May, following a further police raid with a threat of confiscation of his servers, as well as a blackmail by British Telecom over his security clearance. The heart of the matter is explained in the latest Pigtails in Paint editorial: the latter website, as well as the blog of Graham Ovenden, had uncovered the misconduct of the UK police in the Ovenden frame-up trial and conviction. Corrupt cops must protect their careers by censoring the exposure of their treachery, leading them to further acts of abuse. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…