Night visitor, by Paula Gocker-Roth

Daniel F. Gerhartz - Dawn of Hope
Daniel F. Gerhartz – Dawn of Hope (2007)

I present here a tender and affectionate poem written by an unknown contemporary poet, born around 1947. Any information about the poem and the author, in particular a bibliographical source for the poem, is welcome.

Night visitor
by Paula Gocker-Roth

One night you
came into my room,
cuddled into bed with me
Small cold feet,
Downy head
filled with child-questions

Upon the wall your hands
described, in dark and gentle patterns,
the flowings of your mind,
your dreams,
Exposed imagination

Like snowflakes
drifting onto
quiet winter-pines
your nighttime shadow
touched me
and then, melted into

Source: Selected Poetry page of Gerald Jones.

Previously published on Agapeta, 2017/04/20.

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