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Darker than Black - A Wish Upon a Shooting Star
Darker than Black – A Wish Upon a Shooting Star

Poets and Lovers has lived four years and a half, longer than its predecessor Agapeta. Hopefully, it should no more be threatened by technical failures or attempts at censorship, but the main obstacle could now become the progressive drying of the poetical sources of its contents.

The 400 first posts (until early November 2022) were distributed into 40% in French and 60% in English. As I don’t find any more relevant poems in English, the two languages have afterwards alternated equally, and this should continue for the next six months. Afterwards, French could become the dominant language of the blog.

Devoted followers can help Poets and Lovers thrive, by suggesting an author or one of his works, by pointing out some poem, or even by writing a draft article. The criteria for inclusion are quality, originality, and relevance to the topic of younger girls (either as authors or as subjects of works).

Song lyrics sought

I am looking for the lyrics of several songs: “Every Little Girl” by Dale Hawkins (1960), “Little Girl (Please Take A Chance With Me)” by Steve Alaimo (1962), “You’ve done it again Little Girl” by The Cherokees, and “Little Girl” by Dr Ring Ding,

Two contemporary childhood love poems

Poems by living authors are generally copyrighted, so instead of copying them, I give a link to a transcription on the web. Indeed, four years ago, I gave a link to “The Girl I Used To Be” by Pia Andersson on Poem Hunter.

I recently found two other such poems:

Andrew Fusek-Peters writes poetry, and he has also published books of children’s poems. His poem “The Passionate Pupil declaring Love” from his collection Unidentifed Frying Omelette (Hodder, 2000) tells about the love of a schoolboy for a girl in his class. It can be found on The Children’s Poetry Archive.

I could not find whether the poem “Childhood Love” by Andra Wadas (dated January 12, 2008) has been included in a published collection. It can be found on Poem Hunter.

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