Weaving laurel dance, by Hilda Conkling

Arthur Rackham - The fairies are exquisite dancers
Arthur Rackham – The fairies are exquisite dancers

A strange little song in Shoes of the Wind, A Book of Poems (1922), transcribed from the digitisation of the original edition on Internet Archive.

by Hilda Conkling

THERE’S a path that leads
Through two squares of laurel
Where I dance like a nymph
In the April light.
I go through . . . out on the other side . . .
Back again . . . winding . . .
Twice again I weave my dance
And wander away among the trees.
I shall go back to dance again
When the laurel blossoms come,
When the May sun tinkles
Through the deep pines.
Stately the pines will wave over me
While I am in my weaving laurel dance. . .

Previously published on Agapeta, 2016/10/25.

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